Faculty Members

Adrien Mbar Pouille/African Literature/Global Cultural Studies & Cultures and Movements

Andrew Field/Shanghai History/Global China Studies

Ben Van Overmeire/Modern Zen Buddhism/Global Cultural Studies/Ethics and Leadership

Benjamin Bacon/Digital Media/Media Arts/Computation and Design

Bryce Beemer/South-East Asian History/Global Cultural Studies/Cultures and Movements

Caio Yurgel/World Literature/Global Cultural Studies

Daniel Lim/AI & Philosophy/Ethics and Leadership/Computation and Design

Daniel Weissglass/Data & Philosophy/Ethics and Leadership/Global Health

Emily McWilliams/Animal Studies/Epistemology/Ethics and Leadership

Hwa Yeong Wang/Chinese & Comparative Philosophy/Feminist Philosophy/Ethics and Leadership

James Miller/Religious Studies/Environmental Humanities/Global China Studies

Jan Hua Henning/History and Philosophy of Science and Technology/Cultures and Movements, Global Cultural Studies & U.S. Studies

Jesse Olsavsky/History of the Atlantic World/U.S. Studies

Joseph Giacomelli/Environmental History/U.S. Studies

Jung Choi/Art History and Visual Studies/Media Arts

Kaley Clements/Film and Media/Media Arts

Kent Cao/Art History and Archaeology/Media Arts

Kim Hunter Gordon/Performance and Creative Practice/Media Arts/Global China Studies

Kolleen Guy/European & World History/Global Cultural Studies

Kyle Fruh/Ethics/Ethics and Leadership

Lei Lin/Transnational Asian and Pre-Modern Chinese History/Global China Studies

Maximiliano Amici/Sound, Music & Composition/Media Arts

Nathan Hauthaler/Philosophy/Ethics and Leadership

Qian Zhu/Modern Chinese History/Global China Studies

Richard Davis/Global and Japanese Cinema/Global Cultural Studies/Media Arts

Selina Lai-Henderson/Transnational American Literature/U.S. Studies

Seth Henderson/Film and Media/Media Arts

Stephanie Anderson/Poetry and Literature/US Studies/Global Cultural Studies

Titas Chakraborty/South Asian History/Cultures and Movements/Global Cultural Studies

Tommaso Tesei/Silk Road Studies/Ethics and Leadership/Global Cultural Studies

Travis Wilkerson/Documentary Practice/Media Arts

Xin Tong/AI & Digital Media/Media Arts/Computation and Design

Yitzhak Lewis/Comparative Literature/Global Cultural Studies

Zach Fredman/History of War & Diplomacy/U.S. Studies/Global China Studies

Zairong Xiang/Comparative Art and Literature/Media Arts/Global Cultural Studies


Visiting Duke-Affiliated Faculty

Amber Griffioen/Philosophy/ Ethics and Leadership

Anna Piperato/European Art History/Media Arts

Cici Cheng (Duke)/Photography/Media Arts

Jay Winter (Yale University)/History of War & Society/Global Cultural Studies

Kang Liu (Duke)/Chinese Studies/Global China Studies

Nicolas Voeltzel/Philosophy/Ethics and Leadership

Will Pang/Digital Media Arts


Global Fellows

Charles Watson/Documentary Arts

Xiaoqian Ji/Chinese History

Ye (Odelia) Lu/Creative Writing