Our Media Arts programs provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment that give students hands-on experience with the latest gear and best practices available.

Equipment Cage 1031

The media cage located on IB 1st floor 1031A, where offers access to a range of tools and devices integral to the practice of media arts. Student have access to “traditional” film/video/audio production equipment including Sony A7 series and BMD FX3, FX7 film cameras; audio recorders; microphones; tripod systems, dollies, lighting kits, grip accessories; field monitors; presentation equipment including film and video projectors and media players; and many additional production accessories. In addition, the department offers access to devices, tools, and software essential to fields of mobile media production, interactive installation, physical computing, sensing, and more. Hardware includes Head-mounted displays.

Photo of Cage


Media Arts Lab 1042

Media Arts Lab located on IB 1st floor 1042. The Lab contains iMac Pro computers equipped with media software like Adobe Creative Cloud suite for video editing, digital photography, audio processing and other postproduction work. Access is available 24/7 to DKU students for media art projects. In addition, we have a printer station 1031 with high quality photo printers (using under custodian’s supervision).

Cage Lab